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Point-of-work technology

U-vend™ is our point-of-work vending solution.
Using the best web-enabled vending technology,
U-vend machines can dispense all the workplace
supplies your team uses at the point where they
need it.

  • 25% reduction in spend
  • 50% reduction in inventory
  • 100% accurate management information








  • Just-in-time: minimum stock holdings, maximum efficiency
  • Minimises disruption and downtime caused by getting supplies from store rooms
  • Can be programmed to automatically reorder at pre-determined stock levels
  • Administration cost reduction
  • Staff have immediate access to the items they need
  • Touch pad screens ensure full usage compliance by staff – removing stock shrinkage
  • Guarantees no stock-outs
  • Live management information and controls
  • Reduces spend and eliminates supplies hoarding


Our U-vend™ solution is connected directly to U-control™, giving you complete control and visibility of usage patterns.  Management is able to quickly identify abuse, waste and other opportunities for improvement.

Controlled by touch pad screens with swipe card or pin access, U-vend™ provides the same high level of management controls available through any of our supply chain solutions.  Supply is controlled via data such as machine number, part number, cell number, cost centre, employee number and other information.



Optimising productivity

If high-use, high-cost and mission-critical items are conveniently available to the operatives who need them, output is optimised.

U-vend not only ensures critical materials, tools, parts, components and supplies are available at the point of use, it also automates the issuing of items, re-ordering and replenishment processes – creating a highly efficient and productive process.

When used in conjunction with our One-team™ fully managed on-site solution, the control of supply is unrivalled, ensuring maximum productivity.

Ease of use

There is no software to install on your site, no servers to buy or maintain, and nothing for your IT department to support. Both U-vend™ and U-control™ are secure, robust, cloud-based services. All you need is a wired or wireless connection to the internet. Data flows seamlessly from your U-vend™ devices through to U-control™.







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